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Bienvenida a NO MORE Silence, Speak Your Truth.

En esta página hay historias compartidas por sobrevivientes que resaltan la esperanza pero que también pueden ser difícil para leer. Una actividad para poner los pies sobre la tierra puede ayudarte sentirte tranquila y facilitar la lectura de estas historias. Quieres probar una de nuestras actividades para poner los pies sobre la tierra?


It's not your shame to carry
Speak your story, it's your to tell
Don't let anyone else's discomfort make you feel uncomfortable.


I would tell other survivors that they are loved and to receive that and to love themselves. I would also tell them that their story isn't over it is only beginning, they are now in charge and get to choose how it will continue. It is not their fault.

13 and The Colour Green

You are not alone. Unfortunately there are hundreds of women and children in the same situation as you. Did you know that according to the crime survey for England and Wales for March 2023, The police flagged 889,441 recorded offences as domestic abuse-related, and that’s not including the offences that go unreported. For people that have struggled or are still in that dark place, there is a light at the end of that very long tunnel.

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Living with an evil man who lived a double life....until I unpeeled it.

To heal it's important to know your not alone. I was made to feel like I was crazy and he told me I was so it had to be true. More gaslighting than movies are written about. The men who traffick are very dangerous and horrific. Because they make millions and deal with wealthy sex buyers they feel they are above the law. They are protected by many involved within this global criminal situation. I want the victims to know, You are not alone. I want every girl to know her voice can change the world. Be strong. Be brave. Don't settle for less tha...

“I really hope sharing my story will help others in one way or another and I can certainly say that it will help me be more open with my story.”

Trials and Tribulations of being young and nieve

After 30+ years I'm still trying to heal my body , my mind , and my soul. The horrible men that I've had in my life have done nothing but use and abuse me .

Miscarriage of Justice

Hello, thank you for taking the time to read and consider Name story. First, I don’t blame Police Departmentor the state of State Namefor anything that has happened, the responsibility for this belongs completely to the state of State Name She met Friend Name 7 years ago when they were both homeless and moved to Second State Name to live with him at his mother’s property. This property is in the middle of nowhere inSecond State Name, their closest neighbors were anywhere from 30 to 60 acres away. He did this to isol...


Life can be better than this.


You can heal from this and live a beautiful life!

Windy road to healing

My message about hope is to trust the process. Your good days are just as important as your bad days. I hope that you know just how amazing your are & hope important you are to this world! And you know that it wasn’t your fault

You are wonderful, strong, and worthy. From one survivor to another.

Name, all the titles I earned there taken.

Hope will kill you, hope is a cruel lie they give to people when the truth is to unmarriable.

Estimada lectora, la siguiente historia contiene lenguaje autolesión que puede herir su sensibilidad y algunos pueden encontrarse incomodos.


You are never alone. You deserve nothing but love, respect, and support. It gets better, even if you can't see the light right now. There is so much more left in store for you, and you will always have an army in your corner.

i thought he loved me i was beautiful now i feel unattractive unloved.

i am sorry but not now.


Hope reminds me of stars at night because even when the world around you is dark there's always stars above you creating light. You have to look up in order to see the light but it doesn't me it's not there. Just like hope, if you look down it seems like there are no stars but if you look up there's a sky full of them. There's a sky full of hope you just have to look up.

Keep hope alive.

There is always hope. When you are in it there will seem like there is no hope. Keep having faith that things will change. The important part is continuing to do the right things right. The Best is Yet to Come.

We all have the ability to be allies and support the survivors in our lives.


There’s light at the end of the darkness. Every day you seek healing is a day you may begin to feel a little more whole and a little less broken. It takes time, but don’t give up. We’ve got this!

Kelly Maida


You deserve to be whole and feel safe in yourself. Even if it’s unbearable right now, I hope you stay with yourself on the way to freedom.

When Authority is Evil

My hope to any survivor is that you don’t feel alone, that you recognize that healing is a process that doesn’t have a set time frame. Don't give up.

I've Been Told I'm a Warrior...but So Are You.

Healing is an ever-changing and ongoing process. No process is the same for each survivor. For me, it has been the steadfast support of my husband, mother, brother and sister-in-law that has helped me face my ongoing process. Support is crucial for healing, regardless of the form it comes in. Healing also needs a lot of self-care to help someone through the process. That can be anything from counseling, to body wellness and massage, to my personal favorite of reading "brain candy" fantasy romance novels each night that let my mind escape...

If you are reading this, you have survived 100% of your worst days. You’re doing great.

Name, The loser

My Domestic Violence Abuse began when I was five years old and continued until this last May. In my first Foster Home, I would be locked in my room at night with a lock on the outside of the door. I would have to drink my own urine if thirsty out of a chitterling bucket. I had my meals in the basement and made to lean against the oven if disobedient.

Estimada lectora, la siguiente historia contiene uso explícito de lenguaje homofóbico, racista, sexista u otro lenguaje despectivo que pueda ser angustiante y ofensivo.


IT WAS NEVER YOUR FAULT. Even though healing can feel so much harder… IT'S SO WORTH IT. I would 100% choose to spend my life with PTSD than to not have left.


I believe you. What’s happening to you is not your fault and you don’t have to live like this.

Helping a friend

Last year, a very close friend realized they were in an abusive relationship -- something I had known for a long time. While it was mostly verbal and psychological abuse, it did get physical at the end. That was the catalyst my friend needed -- especially because they were holding their young child at the time (the abuser is not the child's biological parent). Having been in and around this space for a long time, I can tell you firsthand, it is very difficult to stand by and watch someone get hurt time after time. It is also difficult to let t...

Flowers bloom after the rain.

“Healing is different for everyone, but for me it is listening to myself...I make sure to take some time out of each week to put me first and practice self-care.”

You're Never Alone

I will not longer live in fear for my self and my sons life.
I will no longer be told how ugly and fat I am. I will no longer have him put his hands on me.
I will no longer allow bruises on my face. I will no longer let this happen to someone else.

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I was hit as a child.
I know what a reader of this post expects me to do next is add examples of what could be called ‘extreme’ violence or ‘abuse’. Most people do not equate a ‘pop’ or ‘whapp’ or ‘cuff’ or ‘slap’ or ‘spank’ with domestic violence. We should. For many of us, that first slap from a parent who believes they are committing an act of love...that they are teaching me...that the slap was a ‘consequence’ - was all we needed to find, amongst a definition of loving acts, an understanding of how a person learns, understanding of what i...

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I am a survivor of abuse from a partner.
With this abuse I was learning how the system fails to have safety nets for helping women in need. Domestic Violence grows in closed doors situations. I want the public to learn that I went to college and was emotionally abused by a Spouse who was running a double life. This abuse was able to be successful because isolation was first done followed up by manipulation, control, drugging, sex trafficking, Domestic Violence, abuse, slavery and because the gas lighting was so good I prayed for death.


I Say No More Cause..... I am a mother of a 5 year old daughter.
I was 23 when I had my daughter, left my mothers house and moved in with my daughters father. You know there is a saying "you will only know a men true colors once you live with them under the same roof", its absolutely true. My daughters father was a drug addict and he loved women. I used to get beaten up for asking questions for looking at his phone and especially when i use to find out the truth, that was it knowing about the truth should eat him up. He use to beat me while i...


On Feb.Day, Year my live in boyfriend of 9 years tried to murder me with not 1, but 2 aluminum baseball bats.
It started around 10 p.m. on the night of the Date and nobody found me until 8:30 on the morning of the Date Needless to say they thought they had their first murder case for the year of Year. As I sit here today I am blind in one eye. I had facial and cranial reconstruction. I am left with metal plates in my face. I also have metal rods, pins and screws throughout both of my arms. I have some brain damage.

“It’s always okay to reach out for help”


The first sexual assault I went through was when I was 12 years old and my first ever boyfriend I had at the time Raped me he was 14 years old at the time I told him I didn’t want to have sex with him he ended up pushing me on his bed and he ended up raping me I couldn’t even get him off cause he was very heavy & hurting me.

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